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Edit 2 :
Riiight, i will be more inactive most likely in the upcoming days/weeks. We have really short deadlines and huge projects in a way and an exam in December... I'm not even sure how much personal art i will do even x.x that's why there's just sketches for now. I dunno.. I want to draw, but these days when i get free time i end up siting with Pietro or something and not art. I will not be as active as i have and it's a bit frustrating because i want to draw a lot, but these days it's just been playing games or watching something on Netflix :l So the daily stuff will be on hold until maybe when i get my Christmas vacation o3o i think i get it around the 16th December owo so aaaa i can't wait! It's gonna be nice to just take a full relaxation x.x 

Beside that i'm finely getting rid of my Wii and replacing it with a ps3. Aaaa then i have them all! It's so frustrating that Sony aint gonna let us play ps3 games on ps4... t would have saved me space and money :v but eheheheheh all the games i was drooling over before will be mine! *rolls away* That also means i can re-buy the Assassins Creed games as they don't agree to save game on the PC... Uplay i'm looking at you and that sync cloud! I re-played AC3 7 times now x.x And brotherhood a bit more... hnnng Ah well! It will be better tomorrow! Just hope i get a good price for the Wii and the 7 games... It's not even used.. I hardly played some of the games... Some of the covers still feels smooth... Huhuhu after the boos there he said he would give a good price since.. I'm a good customer there and what not uwu I'm sure he says that to them all but eh xD

Edit: We have gotten an extended deadline.. and i MAY be able to start up the daily stuff next Thursday as the new deadline is for Wednesday. I'm more or less done with my report the presentation takes about maybe half hour to set things in and then i have to fix a few things on my layout and what not. Idk, but i miss to draw really much and i have not been drawing anything personal really only school stuff and uuurgghh... So this weekend i'm gonna stress down and get the report and presentation done or as much i can as i'm not really done with the cookbook in general. I was demotivated i'm still a bit, but it's going a bit better. 

BESIDE THAT I WENT TO THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE OF ASSASSINS CREED SYNDICATE AND GAH! I love it!! Omg.... I got a steel box and a poster ++ popcorn, muffin and energy drinks. The guy at Game Stop said that it was gifts from Ubisoft uwu <33 I got myself the collectors edition SO GOODBYE MONEY ;o; It was nice having you for 3 days... But woooorth it :DD It was a great ending of my stressful school week to just get the game and just relax! Man i may draw something tbh this weekend if i'm not to absorbed in the game and homework uwu Aha more EZ art heading out 8D

the game tho, omg it's so awesome.. I'm not worthy of such game ;u; And now i also heard that a new Ratchet and Clank game AND THE MOVIE WILL COME OUT NEXT YEAR *tears of joy*

Now i have something do do until Legion comes out... Not that i'm so hyped. I'm trying to not be hyped :l Blizz think they can fix shit by giving another patch i say no. The moose mount is now Heroic raid drop so fuck that. I raid normal pug when i can... I would rather have it as store, quest chain, rep farm or something than HC drop... For all i know they can make re-skins in legion as they have done in WoD.. Aha no wonder it's down to 5mil subs... 


i have to take a 1 week break or so from my daily sketch/art stuff. 
I have this week to get it finished and i have yet to get things done. I have hardly gotten somewhere and it's stressing. I had done a lot the weekend, but ofc my teacher went all no and so i have to re-do everything. It may not sound much but it is for me with the knowledge that i have to finish this until Thursday - Friday and i still got loads to do :l As well as presentation and a report...

I know "you can't just take a break from daily challenge" but i have to, i can't juggle this, bird, food, sleep, school, homework, etc... It get's a bit to much atm. Beside it's just a week or so, i don't people are gonna kill me for it....
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Hmm... what to tell... o3o
*insert awesome bio here*

Awesome people irl <33 uwu

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My bby's <33

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